About Us




Medium Independent business located on the boarders of Nottingham Derby & Leicester. We have a very loyal customer base that frequent our store time, and time again. We never look to make lots of money but just give ourselves a living, this means we are not greedy and we always.....always look after our customers, not only is it a pleasure to see them and thank them for their business but many come our friends too, a corporate business cannot provide this even should they wish, DFB has been around since the early 60's and still strong today. We have 5,500 sq2 premises, full dedicated demo room for Lighting effects to be displayed, showroom and plenty of stock (what we don't have we can get), and plenty of free parking. Please do not hesitate to contact us or call in and browse.


The Brief


DFB is running out of a 5500 Sq. Foot warehouse in Stanton by Dale on the Boarders of Nottingham, Derby and Leicester. With hundreds of lighting effects, speaker systems, music systems and stock on display. 

If you would like a demo of a particular light, we have a dedicated blacked out demo room under full computer control where you can physically see the lighting effects at their full potential.

In our showroom, you can have demos of speakers and digital DJ on hand, we cannot cater for everything available so if there is something particular you wish to see please contact us first.


DFB have expanded ranges into Heating, Cooling, Mobility and Tools. These are bolt on expanded ranges for the most part not on view via the showroom, if you request to see these products please call for us to arrange.


We offer a 24hrs Carrier Service and 1 - 2 day Delivery service via Royal Mail, Please note it will take 24hrs to process your order, if stock is not available from Nottingham Stock and further 24hrs to organise stock and then the despatch, We aim to get the order to you by 24hrs and no later latter than 72hrs, in cases over 72hrs you will be contacted within 24hrs.


The People


Mark Atkin - Managing & Sales Director


Shaun Palmer - Financial & Marketing Director


Chris Buj - Sales & Technical Manager


Tony Rose - Sales & Distribution Supervisor



Our History

DFB Sound & Light Warehouse Ltd has been established since 2000 running from 4000Sq foot premises on Blenheim Industrial Estate, in Nottingham, DFB the name comes from Don Frederick Beeston who founded the company in 1963 as a tools and values shop on Forest Road in the City Centre of Nottingham, moving on in the years the company looked to expand its range and took a natural progression in to trade public address systems. This also loosely connected to telephone systems and intercoms where staff could announce or contact staff through the integral 100v line speaker systems in offices, warehouses and shopping centres alike. It was because of this connection between telephone and PA that when Don looked to sell the business that Intercom Communication Limited Based in Bulwell Nottinghamshire took and interest to buy, and did......

In 1983 Intercom bought DFB and became known as Intercom DFB Trade Distribution as part of Intercom Communications Limited. The Telephone and Intercom Business as a rapid growth industry in the 1980's and there innovation in the building of Mercury systems (because of the privatisation of BT) meant that the business had capital to expand in all avenues, DFB was a small part of the Multi Million pound business that Intercom has grown too and was there to service the integration primary and sell secondary. Throughout the eighties and early nineties Intercom grew from strength to strength whilst DFB was in its shadows for many a year but a trusted and reliable customer service keep the already established customers coming back for more, little was done to expand this side but was quite self-contained and able to run itself as a division.

In the mid-nineties the internet was emerging and the new media source Intercom Communication failed to grasp hold of this new concept in technology and coupled with the failure to grab the mobile phone technology they became market followers instead of market leaders.


DFB wanted to expand in 100v Trade Distribution into the ever growing Pub, Club and Mobile DJ Markets, Their first step was to take on Mr Mark Atkin in 1996,  already an established DJ he was working with Electro light in Mansfield and used DFB Trade for the source of goods, his knowledge in the Club and DJ market  was what DFB was looking for and worked with DFB building this side of the business, DFB set to integrating the Lighting and Sound for Club and DJ and with emerging success re-named DFB Trade Distribution to Intercom Sound & Light Warehouse in Dec 1998.

Eventually in by the end of the nineties Intercom communication demise was finalised by the banks foreclosing on its growing debt and went into receivership. In the Year 2000 Essential 4 Business Limited (E4B) Bought Intercom and looked to float this with an number of other telecommunication companies on the stock market capitalising on the .com boom and marking telecommunications for all on the internet, a project that would later fail......

E4B was only interested in the telecommunications and looked to sell of the Manufacturing and Sound & Light Divisions, Shaun Palmer (already working for the intercom telecommunications side) and Mark bought out Intercom Sound & Light Warehouse, Reverted the name back to DFB (as this was well established in the market place) and Hence in Sept 2000 DFB Sound & Light Warehouse Limited was Established as a going concern, Turnover at this point was £300,000 per year, but with a bit of shrewd business sense Shaun who was in charge of accounts and Financial Director & Mark who was in charge of sales and Managing Director grew the business rapidly to a 1,000,000+ turnover business by mid-2002.

People have come here for years and trust and rely upon our service, it is the fact that DFB not looking to become the next corporate multi million pound company but a company that provides a service and product at a good price and good backup that has left us growing slowly but surely each after year. We saw the need to diversify and bought in Heating and Ventilation products, Mobility Ranges and DIY Tools......what next????

Mark and Shaun are now at the helm, with excellent staff and backup, taking DFB to higher heights and more success than ever, Recording record sales and good feedback in November and December 2014 we are committed to be the right company that will not let you down, and if we did we are the first to hold our hands up and put it right, we are not perfect, no one is, we are not blameless of the odd error, but we will put it right, we are trustworthy, hardworking and making our mark in this and other industries.


On June 6th 2015 Our unit was attacked by two youths, the reason are unknown and are suspected to be fooling around with the air condition unit at the rear of the building, as a result a fire ensued and the premises was burnt to the ground literally... Eight fire station and 14hrs later the flames we finally put out with little left, Many customers came to our aid and support wishing us to be back up and running ASAP, We wasted no time, locating a new premises within two weeks and setting up within two months, now based at Stanton. We would like to thank all our staff and suppliers for their support and in particular the customers for their support.