Make Offer

We looked at 'Make Offer' button on our website, just like ebay has, but this complicated and proved expensive (were not as rich as ebay) so here is a simpler form of the same thing.

Whilst a lot of product are already on offer and reduced to be as competitive as we can, many (usually showing the price in orange) can be looked at, whether, it is quantity deals of small inexpensive items, or just looking for a deal on a high-end product, we can look at every request.

If you wish to make an offer, contact via the website (contact us at the bottom of the page) with the URL, title or Code (displayed just above the price on the product page), and a description of what you are looking for. These offer or other massages will always be answered within 24hrs (excluding weekends (when not open)), we can only say "we cannot do it", alterative we can come back with a "yes", or counter offer; Seen it cheaper elsewhere, please tell us.